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7/30/09 12:01 pm - critiquing my old blogs (12012005)

got this idea from don since we were talking about why we don't blog anymore. so i picked one of my blog entries 4 years ago and let's see how this goes.


ano ba to? i want to be happy... i have every right to.
pero ayaw ko na masaktan... matagal na kong nasasaktan
pero sumasaya ako
hay, carnival of emotions

wow. where do we begin? first thing i said to myself was, my how situations don't change. i may whine less in blogs but i still do with my friends.

it's hard to blame the old me then. he was happy so what can he do. i always weighed the pros and cons of things and looking at things, i always thought that the feeling of happiness has always outweighed everything else

i always like to think that i have changed in a way or another since then. but i guess our core personality will always stay the same. and mine is just like that

3/29/09 10:54 am - a promising f1 season

judging from what we have seen this weekend at melbourne, this season has a lot of promise to top all the drama and suspense that f1 fans witnessed last time.

the most obvious of all is braun gp, with jenson button and rubens barichello having first and second podium finishes respectively. the team was bought by russ braun, after the honda team folded because of the global financial crisis, as well as poor performance by honda in the previous season. the fate of the drivers, the engineers, the pit crew, hung until braun took over.

however, little did we know that the car honda was developing was this good. same car but only with a mercedes engine, the car dusted off at melbourne leaving the competition behind.

rule changes this year also introduced an option to strap kers into the car. kers or kinetic energy recovery systems gather the energy that can be retrieved from brakes and store it for other uses. if a team decides to equip a car with kers, in a push of a button, it adds another 80 horsepower to the engine for 6.6 seconds. it's like a car equipped with a bottomless nitrous oxide system, just because kers can be recharged by braking.

this adds another dimension to the whole plethora of formula 1 as teams would figure if their car would be better with or without it. a car with kers would be hard to overtake against a car without it. just to put it into perspective, braun cars weren't equipped with one and they won, while the ferrari's equipped didn't even finish the race.

personally, i would still root for defending world champion driver lewis hamilton of mclaren. he finished 3rd in melbourne after starting at 18th. still impressive...

then again, this still is the first of many races. we still can't count ferrari out even if they didn't score a point today, we can't crown braun yet, and we have yet to see the full potential of the mclaren team.

3/11/09 02:04 pm - semiotical study of the watchmen

the following was a paper i wrote with miko for a course in graduate school last year.

The common perception of a superhero has always been blunt and simple, a person who has acquired superhuman abilities and has decided to protect the welfare of the good and eradicate evil.  A complexity has never been exhibited during the dawn of comic book superheroes.  Part of the reason why they have become one-dimensional is due to comic books being largely targeted to kids and minors.

It is true, that superheroes have sometimes been placed with political undertones, such as Captain America, who fought Nazis in his maiden appearance during the 1940s.  However, apart from the obvious motive to rally the American public at that time, especially children, against Adolf Hitler, Captain America remained just a symbol for patriotism.

But as with any form of literature, the genre of superheroes has evolved and improved to accommodate adult audiences. Philosophies and ideologies are incorporated to superheroes and their stories to restructure the whole concept of comic books.

One of those who have broke new ground and redefined the superhero is the critically acclaimed comic book limited series Watchmen, published from 1986 to 1987.

Set during the peak of the Cold War, Watchmen follows a number of superheroes during a time that they have been outlawed and most have been forced to retire, save for two government sponsored heroes.  The graphic novel depicts the roles they have to play in an environment where they have been rendered obsolete, as well as their struggles, issues, and philosophies at a time that the world seems to need them the most.

In our exposition, we propose that the characters of Watchmen blur the usual archetype of a hero and signify something more complex. There has been a departure from the usual superhero that, at best, symbolizes good and opposes evil.

Umberto Eco defined a code as a system of signification, insofar as it couples present entities with absent units (Eco 1979, 8). In his review of the communicative process, when a receiver is a human being, there is a process of signification and the signal arouses an interpretative response in the addressee.  Eco also described the code which foresees an established correspondence between that which “stands for” and it’s correlate.

Eco also posited that for as long as a gesture is done by a human being, there is an underlying significative intention, meaning that it has a semiotic value.

This semiotic value in gestures can be applied in Roland Barthes’ essay entitled World of Wrestling, where through a code, the audiences react to every gesture of such a wrestler, either good or bad. As wrestlers represent the concept of suffering, defeat and justice, the characters of Watchmen are caricatures for political beliefs and ideologies though their gestures.

The authors believe that a study and observation of some of the main characters would affirm the proposition mentioned above. Only readers who have an operational background on political ideologies and ethical beliefs would be able to decode the true symbolism of each character.

Rorschach the right-wing vigilante
At first glance, the mask of the anti-hero Rorschach is already a visual sign. He dons a mask quite similar to the inkblot test designed for psychological evaluation. The mystery and oddity of this subverts the villains that he fights, as well as the reader. The nature of the mask also symbolizes that everyone is judged and subjected unto Rorschach’s own evaluation.

In the novel, Rorschach is depicted as a vigilante, a hero without superhuman powers, similar to popular comic book character Batman, who has continued his operations and machinations after the passing of the Keene Act, a law restricting costumed heroes.  Although his actions and his words do not reveal what he symbolizes, much of it revolves around a journal that he writes.

In general, Rorschach, based on the symbolisms of his actions, is politically right-wing. First, he was the only hero who refused to retire or become government sponsored when the Keene Act was established. This signifies the ideology of being a Reactionary. His continued resistance of either being insignificant, or compromising his beliefs transposes that he believes that a return to a former state, where they are not outlawed, would be for the better.

Throughout the novel, he repeatedly announces that there should be no compromise in anyway. He reiterates this belief in page 20 of the last chapter, where he utters “not even in the face of Armageddon, never compromise.” He expresses this in the context of an “end justifies the means” debate where he naturally is against. This discussion reveals his utter resistance to accept a rather radical method of saving the world, a testament to his beliefs as a reactionary and being conservative.

Furthermore, the aforementioned decision also reveals his ethical beliefs. His “no compromise” stand also invokes that he believes that even if the death of millions would result to the world’s salvation, the architect of such should be punished, that his act is still murderous, inherently evil. This therefore shows that he believes in moral absolutism, that there is always a choice between good and evil, and one must pay for its consequences.

The World’s Smartest Man
Adrian Veidt, or Ozymandias, was dubbed as the world’s smartest man. Probably a testament to this was that he was able to see a law being enacted that would ban costumed heroes, which is why he was more than welcome to retire 2 years even before the Keene Act was passed.

The reason why he chose to do so could only be known years after.  After retiring, he made his identity known to the public, which helped in retaining his stature as a public figure.  This allowed him to set up a massive company based on his popularity.  Although the detailed nature of his company was not revealed in the graphic novel, one of its products is a toy line, with himself being the selling point. These efforts of Veidt to protect, as well as promote, his public image could be associated that he is a narcissist.

This however is the least among Veidt’s symbolisms as a character.

In the novel, he can be best described as the face, the poster boy, of capitalism. His corporation, although as mentioned earlier, wasn’t detailed.  It was hinted in the novel that it was multi-faceted, ranging from cosmetics to action figures.

Veidt also has a curious background. In the novel, when his parents died when he was sixteen, he gave it away to charity just to prove to himself that he can accomplish anything.  As smart as he is, he thus saw the value and benefits that capitalism would give him.  However, his dedication to capitalism isn’t his most important symbolism.

At the climax of the novel, it is revealed that Veidt, although he did not say it, somewhat embodies totalitarianism.  He decides for himself that by creating a disaster, killing millions of Americans, and faking an alien invasion, it would lead to an aversion of a nuclear war and prevention of the end of the world.  His decision to concoct such a plot lies only to his belief, and the perception that the people have of him, that he is smarter than everyone else.

Veidt’s plot also signifies his belief in utilitarianism, where he supposes that his actions and decisions and its consequences can be absolved based on the alleged good that it would bring in the end. With regard to this, he is fundamentally the opposite of Rorschach.

The Comedian
Edward Blake or the Comedian is one of the two government sponsored masked adventurers, whose untimely, mysterious death heightens the anxiety of other retired superheroes. Blake's death opens the curtains for the plot of the novel.

Blake fell off his apartment, in an apparent suicide, as police investigators scour the crime scene for clues. His death sends signals to the crime fighting community, as Rorschach, thinking of a conspiracy against masked adventurers, probes the apparent murder.

The novel described Blake's personality based on other characters' recollections with their encounters. He is painted by Sally Jupiter as a crazed maniac after Blake attempted to rape her. At one point, he is described as a nihilist with little if no regard for human life. He served in the military during World War II and Vietnam War, alongside Dr. Manhattan, killing members of the Vietcong mercilessly.

His ruthlessness is captured during an incident in the Vietnam War where a Vietnamese woman confronted him and implied she is with child. He shot her in the head to shut her up. Interestingly, his alias contrasts with his personality though his character is somehow parallel to The Joker in the Batman series throwing puns while unleashing havoc.  This actions proves claims of his nihilist tendencies.

The government supported Blake's activities in the country. As an alternate reality of the United States, Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward get killed presumably by Blake and thus sparing Richard Nixon of his humiliating resignation as the Watergate stories never saw print.

Nixon went on to repeal the 22nd Amendment of the US Constitution, which bars Presidents from running after two terms, and win an unprecedented fifth term in 1985, enjoying a record high of popularity.

As for Blake, he had the blessing of the government in his travails and a steady support so he didn't have to work. He stumbled upon Veidt's scheme, which is to be discussed later, and planned to do something about it.

Toward his later years, Blake seems to have mellowed down, as seen in the cause of his death. Veidt revealed he killed Blake because he had discovered the latter's plot of killing millions of people in New York.

Inferring from his personality of having a tendency to be a nihilist, Blake suddenly becomes concerned with the slaughter of people as planned by Veidt.

The level of Blake's violent nature especially during wars contrasts with this sudden change of heart. The younger Blake could've condoned the Veidt scheme but the aged Blake seemed to have matured and ditched his nihilistic side.

The man who transformed into a god
In the novel, Dr. Manhattan is one of the few characters that possess true superhuman abilities including control of time and space, unlimited strength and immortality among other skills. To put it simply, Dr. Manhattan can do everything; he can make things happen with a thought.

His immense powers, however, contrast with the character’s growing disinterest with the world, particularly with the affairs of humanity. As he gained superhuman abilities, his emotional attachment to mankind diminished slowly until his self imposed exile.

Doctor Manhattan is John Osterman, a nuclear physicist from Princeton who meets a laboratory accident in a military base. After the Keene Act, Manhattan is the other government sponsored masked adventurers primarily because he is the government's trump card against Communist Russia. As the Cold War progressed, the Reds are toe to toe with the Americans but with Manhattan, the US is tipped to win the standoff. The story indicated how Manhattan can destroy almost all the missiles of USSR with a thought and at the same time obliterate the Reds' defense.

With a gift of clairvoyance, Dr. Manhattan can accurately predict events that are to take place but is unable to change the outcome, partly because of his indifference. In the story, he meets with President John F. Kennedy at a White House function in honor of Manhattan. He knows the President will be killed in 1963 but he doesn't utter a word.

Other characters, especially his love interests, have confronted him about his inability to do anything to prevent something bad from happening. He could only give this for an answer: “I can't prevent the future. To me, it's already happening.”

This line perhaps highlights Manhattan's weak determination as manifested in other parts of the novel. He gave in to his father's request to take up nuclear physics as it became a buzzword in the late 1940's after World War II ended. He felt how pointless human affairs were that during the Vietnam War, he never saw the rationale of the fighting there.

In starking contrast to his weak persona, Manhattan the character could be viewed as somewhat the Supreme Being in the novel, a god-like hero that is sternly rational. Given his powers, Manhattan has made it a point to detach himself from the people around him, somehow exhibiting being omniscient at certain parts of the novel. He is the machine in the phrase “deus ex machina.”

As a god in the Watchmen universe, Manhattan believes in the predestination of events, a determinist in philosophical terms. He views people as puppets and submits to the idea that he himself is one; only that he “can see the strings.”

Manhattan’s perception of time is altered significantly after acquiring control of time and space. He experiences time in the present and aware of and experiencing episodes of his life simultaneously. In Chapter 4 during the first moments of his exile in Mars, Manhattan’s recollections are somewhat cluttered all over the section, with abrupt jumps from the past and present.

In one sense, like Veidt, his decision making could be perceived as utilitarian. Toward the ending when he discovered Veidt's plan to wipe out New York, he realizes the value of the scheme and agrees to let it happen for the sake of future generations. He allows Veidt to wipe out half of the population of New York to avert the escalating tension between the US and the USSR.

The character analyses reveal that these ideas may be difficult to interpret properly without the appropriate code. The characters might be viewed only in a one-dimensional manner unless readers have a background of the various ideologies and philosophies.

This code includes working knowledge/background with ethical and political ideology, a hint of world history, particularly in the chronology of major events, among other things. These elements are something an elementary student may have no idea about unless they've been immersed in appropriate information.

Watchmen isn't just another comic book about good and evil; rather it puts the concepts of good and evil in more tangible terms as seen in the novel's climactic points. It makes readers re-evaluate their sense of morality and somehow produce an array of what-if scenarios.

The sense of good or evil may be deduced from the effects of capitalism toward Veidt's benevolent genocide concept --- killing millions of people to prevent further harm in the future if the Cold War progresses.

The concept of right or wrong, meanwhile could be seen in the inaction of the protagonists upon learning the Veidt scheme.

Watchmen may be hard to digest without a hint of understanding of the codes used in the novel. Codes also help broaden the reader's point of view and at the same time, appreciate the novel in the manner where the message the writer intended to convey is received.

2/7/09 11:13 pm - 25 random things

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1. it's a sunday, i'm bored

2. i still believe that sundays should be rest days. but i gave that up so that i could go to graduate school on saturdays

3. i owned/own 5 video game consoles from 5 generations (family computer, sega genesis, playstation, playstation2, xbox360)

4. i suffered from insomnia last year. i had to cure it with sleeping pills.

5. i'm naturally lazy

6. i'm also naturally lonely. i got used to it.

7. i have collected comics and graphic novels since i was a kid. i was pissed when my mom gave most of my old comics, including the death of superman and wolverine #75, to no less than the junk shop.

8. i sleep with the tv on, set to sleep after 1 hour

9. we had too many dogs when i was a kid. i think it reached 8. the names that i could remember were rambo, spotty, chickie, lucky, patotoy, and t1. yes, i gave out lousy names when i was a kid.

10. i have acrophobia (fear of heights). ask anyone i know. just thinking of it makes my hand sweat.

11. i've only been to 3 countries outside the philippines. china (hong kong and mainland), singapore, and malaysia.

12. i was a geek in my first 2 years in high school. i played magic cards and owned 2 good decks. speaking of which, any of you understand what an upkeep phase is? still don't get it.

13. i played turntables for a band (scorch!) when i was in junior year in high school. in senior year i had 2 bands (lunatics!). i decided to learn playing because of the band incubus.

14. i taught myself to play guitar.

15. i like to believe that i'm a good driver, specially in the wet. in my first driving lessons session, we reached nighttime while it was raining real hard.

16. i only became a journalism major out of accident. i didn't read the course offerings that thorough. i actually wanted to take up something related to film. but since everyone started being an indie filmmaker, i lost interest. i'll just criticize you're crappy films.

17. i think i download too much american television shows (terminator tscc, gossip girl, chuck, how i met your mother, house, lost, fringe, supernatural, the big bang theory, and 90210). i don't watch local shoes except for news.

18. i sometimes eat wheat flavored cerelac and uncooked instant noodles just because

19. i became an avid fan of the los angeles lakers because when i was playing pick up basketball 12 years ago, someone kept calling me kobe because of my name (brian - bryant). i looked him up and kobe seemed like a good player. boy, was i right.

20. i have a fascination for the past, which is a double-edged sword. it's good if it's just because of nostalgia, but it's ugly when i dwell. i'm trying to change that.

21. i'm a fan of extremely gory and exploitation films. my personal favorites are cannibal holocaust, i spit on your grave and the infamous guinea pig series from japan. but..

22. i'm obsessed with zombies. i even dreamed about it last night. maybe it started with playing resident evil, but the source material, george romero's dead films, are the best. other noteworthy zombie flicks are 28 days later, the dawn of the dead remake, shaun of the dead, and brain dead or dead alive, which traumatized me when i was an 8 year old. i rewatched it last year and it was actually kind of funny. all hail the rat-monkey...

23. i have a strong sense of smell. it's imprinted into my brain.

24. i have never been in a fist fight. but i sucker punched  a guy who kept blocking my shots in a one on one pickup game of basketball once.

25. in my 23 years of existence, i have only lived in antipolo city. represent!

2/3/09 06:17 am - misery loves company

we all know that it's really hard to pretend everything's ok when it's not  it's a talent that not all of us have been blessed with.

it's especially hard in my line of work, where everyday, you would have to meet, talk, and read about people who are, more or less in the worst day of their lives.

like today, when i talked to the hostages of somali pirates aboard mt chemstar.  i heard their qualms, their pleas, their requests, and you feel the hopelessness in their voices. but inside my head i thought, "dude i have problems too."

it may sound insensitive but its true. and when i finished the interview, i knew that i was more depressed than before. it never gets easier. you just make an illusion for yourself that it is by making yourself happy outside of work, or shutting off your emotions as soon as you enter. the latter is hard, but the former is hardest.

but as the saying goes, misery loves company.

1/12/09 11:22 am - motherfucking goddamn bullshit!!!!!

after 1 year and 1 month, i finally encountered it. the red ring of death. which is fucking funny, since i haven't been playing games for a while, i have a small fan set on my xbox360, i've only been playing for 2 minutes, and it's cold!

not a good day. not a good day at all. sino may alam na nagrerepair nito?

1/5/09 09:59 am - proverbial 2008 lookback

08 has been a good year for me. i remember at the eve of new year's day last year, i was drinking with our neighbors' dads. what happened? 30 minutes into the new year, i was puking at my garbage can inside my room.

i've learned better this year. after around four beers i stood up and stayed in my room til the last minutes before the clock strikes 12. i don't want to puke and be hung over again before i go to work.

here are the the 7 highlights for me this year

runner up - grand theft auto 4 - early 2008. the best game that i've ever played on a next generation console. free roam kung free roam talaga. and the city.... expansive.

7. credit card - wala lang. feeling ko lang nagiimprove ang buhay ko. na nagkakaroon na ko ng progress.

6. obama - eto yung weird moment ko, naluha ako noong lumabas na sa cnn projection na nanalo si obama. why? kasi i hated bush since he assumed office, and that i was follwing obama's moves when rumors started to swell that he might run for office.

5. lakers return to prominence - siguro di important to for others pero as a laker fan for around 13 years, it's a big deal for me. i still remember that day, around 3 am, when i visited espn's page and saw the headline "lakers get gasol." although we lost in the finals, right now, we have the best record in the nba

4. eraserheads reunion - this was something that nobody thought was going to happen again. seeing the 4 of them in the same stage, playing those songs that we grew up with. ito ata ang nagtrigger ng 90s music phase ko hanggang ngayon.

3. back to school - i've been thinking about studying again for a long time and this year lang din natuloy. i guess i figured that i took my time and finished learning the ropes with my job before i pursued other endevors. dami ko rin natututunan.

2. anawangin trip - matagal na planuhan to and finally nangyari rin. road trip at convoy with you friends is the best. panalo din yung lugar. konti tao, pine trees, beach perfected with lahar, inuman, poker. ano pa ba?

1. return of the butterflies - i know i know. cheesy but true. i thought that you could only feel that when you're in high school and that it would be lost as you grow older. we were both proven wrong. also because of this, i had, dare i say it, the best holidays ever. and it's the perfect highlight to end the year that was 2008.

12/30/08 11:51 am - imperfections

i don't know if this has happened to you but don't you hate it when you want something so bad, but because of all you're restlessness and desire for that one thing that you fuck up bigtime.  all your imperfections suddenly come out when you try to be at your best. and at the end of the night, you realize that if you have been yourself all along, you would have had that thing and regret everything.

i hate that feeling...

12/25/08 08:02 pm - liveblog: lakers-celtics @ christmas day

it's the return of the liveblog! i hope we all had a great christmas day yesterday despite the annoying rain. it was the first time that i remember that happened on christmas day.

5:59am - i know, this game's early. so even though i downed 10 bottles of beer just a few hours ago, this game is just too special. a rematch of last june's  nba finals is the most overhyped game in the nba season. it was a good thing star sports is carrying this game. i was willing to go to extreme measures just to watch it.

6:08am - 5 games on christmas day instead of the usual doubleheader. i realized that the first game that abc is covering is very close, with the suns leading the spurs by 2 with 4 seconds to go in the game. if that game goes into overtime, that would delay the lakers-celtics- tipoff. bummer

612am - and we're a go!!  but a lot of festivities before tipoff. i think someone hit a game winning three for the spurs in the other game.

620am - jvg, mark jackson, and mike breen is covering this game. nice..

624 - andrew bynum to the line. if there's one laker that wants to make a statement to the celtics, it's him.

630 - 13-10 celtics. i'm liking the laker defense. they should burn rondo more

638 - kobe's feeling it. he's 3 for 3 in that right pinch post

642 - 24-23 celtics. i wonder who would kg bully this time. the machine perhaps?

649 - i remembered.. happy boxing day to everyone

654 - 27-26 lakers. for a defensive oriented game, not a lot of fouls have been called

657 - 32-26 lakers. what hussle by ariza and vujacic bringing the crowd to their feet. if ariza was healthy in the finals, would things have been different?

702 - 37-28 lakers. just learned that the machine doesn't wear green. so do i machine, so do i...

718 - 48-43 lakers. empty trips for the lakers. credit the celtics d.

723 - 51-43 lakers at halftime. why the lakers are up? free throws. celtics only took two.

758 - 62-56 lakers. just when you thought the celtics are making a run, kobe drills a wide open 3 pointer. and gasol is dunking!!

806 - 64-62 celtics. there's the run. celtics clamping down on d. but odom putting garnett to the floor. that's a first

815 - 71-67 lakers. big back to back threes by odom.

825 - 75-73 lakers. you kind of get why bynum has been in the bench in the closing minutes of the 4th quarter the last few games. he just missed ariza wide open under the rim. he also let tony allen waltz to the rim for a layup

836 - 77 all. we could safely say that this game lives up to all the hype

849 - 85-81 lakers. gasol with 2 crucial baskets. i guess he's trying to answer all the soft criticisms he had in the finals

854 - 88-83 lakers with 1:24 remaining.

900 - 92-83. lakers win. you had to hand it to gasol with the defensive play against ray allen.

there it is. some revenge for the lakers. we've been waiting for today since the schedule came out. personally with the laker win, i got another wish come true this christmas.

12/8/08 01:16 pm - from collegehumor: my time seeing twilight with the girlfriend

(for those like me who couldn't care less about THAT "vampire" movie)

2 days prior: okay she really wants to go see this movie for some reason. Mentioned something about "vampires?" Oh well, should be a good way to score some points, since she wasn't too happy when I took her to see Transporter 3.

Going into the theater: Okay somethings up, why am i the only guy here?

2 minutes in: HOLY SHIT the first scene in the movie has a guy killing a deer with his bare hands. This will be awesome.

20 minutes in: Okay nothing's happened for awhile. Something about some new girl living in a small town. So its basically a Journey song. With Vampires.

25 mintues: Didn't know Native Americans had vampire legends. Because ancient native american myths add an air of legitamicy to any plot.

27 mintues: Weird thought, is it just me or does the soundtrack sound like a ripoff of a Rush song?

28 minutes: Girlfriend has no clue who Rush is.

30 minutes in: Apprently main girl came to conclusion main guy is a vampire based on "pale skin", "doesn't go out in the sun", and "antisocial tendencies." I would have gone with him having a World of Warcraft account, but hey...

32 minutes in: Seriously, he sparkles in the sunlight? that's got to be the stupidest thing ever.

33 minutes in: Girlfriend tells me to stop laughing, its apparently supposed to be romantic.

35 minutes: Really? An angtsy afternoon in the woods staring at each other and THAT means their hopelessly in love?

37 minutes: okay, apparently he's a "vegitarian vampire" because he only drinks animal blood. Why hasn't PETA tried to ban this movie? Dear god I wish they would.

40 mintues: Girlfriend tells me to shut up. SHE didn't tell everyone the plot holes in Transporter 3.

45 minutes: Okay they just defined main girls age as 17 and vampire guy as 117. Why does no one pick up on that? Where's Chris Hanson when you need him?

50 mintues: Where the fuck is Wesley Snipes and a katana when you need him?

60 mintues: At this stage I'll take Hugh Jackman and that crossbow machine gun thing he had. Man that movie was awesome, why didn't they make a Van Helsing sequel.....

62 minutes: Crap, i just snapped out of my daydream. Sadly this movie is NOT Van Helsing 2.

65 minutes: Girlfriend tells me she didn't tell me how the movie would be because she didn't want me pre-gaming like I did for Sex and the City.

70 minutes: okay, how the hell do I get sucked into these things?

80 minutes: cell phone Tetris you are my new God.

93 minutes: high score motherfucker! hey, ssssshhhhhs yourself.

100 minutes: Good, girlfriends in a romantic mood.

101 minutes: Bad, girlfriend is NOT up for a movie BJ.

End of Movie: Yeah baby that was really good. No I totally get how you feel, it made me romantic too.  Whose Edward Cullen?

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